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St. Philip House is not a single place. In fact, it is best described as a doorway to an improved life. St. Philip House is a program that addresses the housing and social service needs of people whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS in the Central Connecticut area. Learn more about us...


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For Orlando

Although St. Philip House is an HIV/AIDS organization and not strictly an LGBTQ organization, we have strong ties to the LGBTQ community and we stand alongside the community of Orlando FL and mourn the loss of 50 innocent people in horrific mass shooting early Sunday morning. From reports, the gunman seemed to target a place of enjoyment, comfort, solidarity, equality, love and empowerment. A place where people of the LGBTQ community could feel safe, be themselves and celebrate Gay Pride month.

Theories have arisen as to whether this attack was an attack based on hatred of homosexuality, or ISIS initiated or inspired. Quite simply, it was all intertwined and we, as a country mourn in scenarios. In any case it is an act of terror. 

Know that St. Philip House stands with you. With love and sadness in our hearts, and mourns the lost lives, the injured and all of their families. This is a loss for the entire LGBTQ community and our country.


St Philip House faces Loss of Funding

St. Philip House has recently learned that it faces a loss of funding from the Department of Housing. This action cause irreparable and the may force us to shutter our doors in the future. Behind the program of St. Philip House are people in need. People who need a home, food, education - simple assistance in being able to live a normal life. Please help us by contacting State Representative Betty Boukas, State Senator Henri Martin or write, in suppport of St. Philip House, to the Department of Housing  at:

State of Connecticut 
Department of Housing
505 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT  06106-7106

*NEW* St. Philip House Offers Summer Internship/Consultant Position
St. Philip House is looking for a bright, upbeat, self sufficient person to manage and build upon our current Facebook page and build other social media platforms that are neccessary in todays' competitive environment. The individual must be comfortable working with people living with HIV/AIDS, have some famiarity with the illness and be willing to learn as well as teach other staff members. The individual must also be able to follow all HIPPA and privacy laws. For more information see Social Media Intern/Consultant posting.

Housing Options for People Living with HIV

Having a safe and affordable place to live is important to everyone's quality of life. When you are living with HIV (HIV+), it is also an important part of taking care of your overall health. Having stable housing, clean water, bathrooms, refrigeration, and food makes it much easier to take your HIV drugs and stay healthy. Read More...

Missed Opportunities for HIV Testing During Routine Doctor Visits, BRFSS, 2011-2013
Using data from the 2011-2013 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, the authors found that nearly 100 million adults ages 18 to 64 had never been tested for HIV, Read More...

End the Stigma
To reduce the spread the stigma of HIV and being tested for HIV must end.  Read More...

Report: Global Private Funding for HIV at Lowest Level Since 2007 Read More...





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